Sarasota County Sign Standards

Casey Key residents should be aware that Sarasota County Zoning Regulations contain special sign regulations for Casey Key and Manasota Key. Section requires that all residential real estate, architect, contractor, trade and project or sub-development signs in any residential or open-use area meet the following standards:

  • Maximum Number: No more than one (1) of any of the above types of sign, and no more than a total of two (2) signs, permitted per property.
  • Maximum Size: No more than two (2) square feet per sign (for example, 12″ x 24,” 16″ x 18,” etc.). The entire sign must fall within this limit (note: this is not 2′ x 2,’ which would be four (4) square feet).
  • Design Limitation: No appendages, leaflet containers, or recordings are permitted. No “gulf to bay,” “sale pending,” “sold,” “realtor’s individual name,” or similar appendages are permitted either above or below the main sign.
  • Maximum Height: No more than four feet above grade.
  • Maximum Duration: Limited to the time of actual work or sale. No rental signs are permitted while a residence is occupied.

Residents and owners are encouraged to insure that signs placed on their property conform to these regulations. The Casey Key Association will continue to provide courtesy notices to realtors, contractors, and builders advising them of the provisions of the sign ordinance.

Sarasota County is responsible for enforcing these regulations. To report violations, call Sarasota County Code Enforcement at 941-861-5000