Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Courtesy Code of Conduct is to provide an environment where Casey Key home owners and their outside service providers and builders have guidelines for maintenance and construction operation, site management and where surrounding residents have realistic expectations. The intent is to help the service providers and builders operate in an efficient and productive manner while appropriately respecting surrounding residents’ privacy and quality of life during service calls and construction activities.

Residents on Casey Key are requested to include and make the following Code a part of their contractual arrangements with respective builders and service providers (e.g. landscape, maintenance and pool service).

In addition, homeowners are strongly encouraged, as is the case on Manasota Key, which has a rule, to insist from their architect and builder, that piles not be driven in but rather jetted in for new construction. This reduces noise and potential damage to adjacent properties.

In addition to adhering to all applicable Federal, State, County and local building, fire and safety codes and regulations; the issuance of a building permit shall also cause the recipient to be responsible for managing the construction site in a manner so as to respect the privacy and residential nature of surrounding property owners. Accordingly, the recipient shall also adhere to the following Good Neighbor Courtesy Code of Conduct:

  • Exterior construction (e.g. site preparation, foundation work, framing, roofing, dredging, landscaping and alike) shall commence no sooner than 30 minutes after sunrise and shall cease no later than 30 minutes before sunset. There is no restriction on interior construction.
  • Exterior construction that produces disturbance or creates road congestion must be limited to Monday through Friday and “occasional” Saturdays but not on Sundays. There is no restriction to unobtrusive interior construction.
  • All vehicles shall be parked within the site’s boundaries. No parking is permitted on the road(s) of the construction site except when actually offloading materials. If such parking is not possible the recipient shall make all possible arrangements for carpooling or other transportation/parking arrangements so as to conform to this parking restriction.
  • Deliveries shall be made Monday through Friday only between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM.
  • The site shall be maintained in an orderly manner at all times, removing and/or storing materials including, but not limited to: demolition, excavation, grading and landscaping materials that would otherwise attract children at play or pose any safety issues. Special care should be taken to remove debris from the road, including sand and other material that will pose a hazard to those walking, biking or driving along the roads on Casey Key. We suggest that magnets be used to insure that nails, screws, etc. are not left as hazards to motorists.
  • Dumpsters and port-o-potties should be located so as to maximize parking facilities and minimize exposure to people walking the road and to surrounding neighbors.