Hello Casey Key Association Members – It’s Fall and Time to Renew Your CKA Membership:

We are Dan Deems & Janet Schwartz, Membership Chairs of the Casey Key Association “CKA”, your volunteer Board that works to preserve the residential character and environment of Casey Key.

Our beautiful Key saw phenomenal growth in 2021 & 2022, with nearly 60 new neighbors on the key — many of whom are now new members of the CKA. Throughout this time, the Casey Key Association has worked onseveral significant initiatives which are important to us all. These initiatives are only sustainable by annual membership dues. Items that CKA annual dues pay for include:

SECURITY: CKA contracts with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Departments to provide enhanced security. Casey Key is patrolled for a minimum of three hours each day at varying times by a marked sheriff’s car, manned by a uniformed off-duty deputy who is armed and has the full power to make an arrest. These patrols have resulted in reduced crime, reduced trespassing on private property, as well as traffic and speeding apprehension and monitoring.

CASEY KEY SHORELINE RESILIENCY PROJECT: Initiated by a group of over 80 residents, the Casey Key Association Shoreline Resiliency Program was established in 2020 to address beach and dune erosion that threatens to harm our island. In collaboration with Sarasota County, State and Federal officials we are working toward a solution that will protect and preserve the entire gulf shoreline, stabilize our infrastructure, protect our seabird and turtle habitat and maintain property values. More information can be found on our CKA website (www.mycaseykey.com).

COSTS associated with management of a wide variety of county road and bridge projects directly impacting your property.

CASEY KEY LIBRARY on Blackburn Point.

COMMUNICATION as well as maintenance of our website and online directory. Many of you stayed in touch with updates on our recent Hurricane Ian through our private CKA FaceBook Page, and have used our close-knit CKA family to help each other through the aftermath of Ian!!

In addition to these projects, membership in the CKA the helps us stay connected. Our private CKA FAceBook page is also where members communicate about issues ranging from power outages and safety on the Key to recommendations for trusted builders and maintenance crews.

We also hold social events including an annual meeting every January, a spring picnic and a variety of Casey Key “mingles”. Membership runs from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

TO RENEW: Either

  1. Click here  and renew electronically. Your username is your primary email. If you need a new password, it will prompt you and it will be sent to your primary email address.

DEADLINE for Renewal is December 10th


Some of our residents have already participated in the US Flag Holiday Fundraiser. We are pleased to share this opportunity for Casey Key residents who would like to share their patriotism and support of our local Veterans.

For $45 dollars a year, the ROTARY wil l install a beautiful, 3′ x 5′ United States flag on your property. You donot need to be home. Your flag will be installed for several days around our five flag holidays. It will then be removed, stored and re-installed for the next holiday. At the end of the season, it will be stored for the following year.

If you would like to participate, please click on the link: https://www.venicenokomisrotary.org/flags- acrossvenice

If you have any questions, please contact Dan or Janet at the numbers/email below:

Membership Chairs:

Dan Deems                      &



Janet Schwartz           

(412) 849-2191